Scrumpy Ewe, 'Franklin' 2022

Scrumpy Ewe, 'Franklin' 2022

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Grower: Scrumpy Ewe Cider
Region: West Fulton, NY, USA
Apples:  Franklin, Golden Russet
Viticulture: Organic
Category: Cider


Whether it is from the fruit we grow at Scrumpy Ewe Farm or from various orchards we work with in the Fingerlakes, all Scrumpy Ewe Cider begins with individually hand-selecting each apple based on its unique characteristics to be used as a stand alone single varietal or part of greater, and very strategic, blends.

Ryan McGiver, sole-proprietor, farmer, orchardist, shepherd, pommelier, started planting European and heirloom American cider varieties in three test orchards in Schoharie Co over a decade ago. He now maintains over 800 trees, 17 cider-centric apple varieties on both modern, high density dwarf and traditional standard rootstock plantings. His small flock of Jacob sheep and Sebastopol geese provide natural fertilizer to both orchard systems and all are irrigated with pristine, mountain spring water, in an effort to maintain regenerative, organic-like farm practices.
From the producer:
"Juicy, mouthwatering tartness with plenty of fruit notes.  The higher alcohol content (10.2%) lends a pleasant viscosity and richness.  A 50/50 blend of two unique American apples- Franklin and Golden Russet.  A mouthwatering tannin bomb!"
Nose: Ripe apple, must, dry leaves, stone fruit.
Palate: Green apple, sweet/tart, under-ripe peach, bitter tannins on the finish

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