Pivnica Cajkov, Red Gull 'Happy Bubbles' 2021

Pivnica Cajkov, Red Gull 'Happy Bubbles' 2021

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Grower: Pivnica Cajkov
Region: Slovakia
Grape Varieties: 50% Pesecka Leanka, 50% Frankovka
Viticulture: Organic
Category: Sparkling Red Pet Nat
Size: 750 ml

From the Winemaker:

"Čajkov, our village, got its name from čajka aka seagull in Slovak – these birds were a rare sight in a landlocked country, but our area's many ponds and streams offered livelihood to not only fishermen but also gulls, and the name stuck. Hence the red bird in our logo, and hence Red Gull, my light-hearted tribute to this fishing past and light Leánka/Frankovka-based wines for convivial drinking. But it's also a nod to what I see as our region's future, ie. bubbles! Although pet-nat is not my typical style of sparkling wine (I'm spoilt/too old and usually go after more serious, slower cellar-aged bottles), I enjoy the youthful energy and joie de vivre it offers. Red Gull is an absolute invitation to gather your flock of loved ones and celebrate life – drink this together and be happy, it really does give you wings…"

Harvested by hand into small crates (18-20 kg) in order to keep the grapes as intact as possible. Red Gull #4 got also a tiny bit (about 2%) of Frankovka 2020, to add a bit of acidity, depth and colour. Fermented together for a week and then bottled while still going (end of September 2022), to finish fermentation in bottles as a pet-nat. After 4 months of prise de mousse, each bottle was gently shaken by hand in order to make the bubbles creamier and better incorporated. Unfined, unfiltered, undisgorged, no sulphur added. 12,5% ABV

"As it looks, it tastes! Raspberry lemonade with mind-and-body restoring acidity. Incredibly crunchy and addictive. We usually drink a whole bottle before we have the time to even think about food, but if you're less of a savage, a red berry tart with whipped cream is a great pairing. On the savoury front, ceviche or a beetroot-salad toast with fresh cow's cheese is splendid here."

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