Zaro 'Eazy' Refošk 2020

Zaro 'Eazy' Refošk 2020

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Grower: Black Lamb & Zaro
Region: Istria, Slovenia
Grape Varieties: Refošk
Viticulture: Organic
Category: Red
Size: 750 ml

Eazy, a negotiant project by importer Black Lamb, on Refošk juice exclusively sourced from Zaro Winery’s organic vineyards. Originally intended for Zaro’s wine bar, the surplus, due to Covid, found new life thanks to Black Lamb’s initiative. Eazy presents a vibrant glass of Refošk, a red varietal from Slovenia known as Refosco in Italy and very similar profile as Syrah. This ‘easy’ and juice wine boasts spicy, peppery notes and rich black fruit flavors. Organically farmed, fermented with native yeast, unfined and unfiltered with minimal sulfur. It pairs wonderfully grilled meats in spring.

“We are a family that produces wine and olive oil. Our ancestors settled Izola in 1348, which is why we are fully committed to our home land and the sea. It is like a golden thread woven into our life and work. The tradition and the rich heritage is carefully cultivated and it is constantly updated and upgraded with modern approaches, which are driven by advanced global trends in viticulture and enology. Our vineyards and olive groves cover 20 hectares of land on beautiful fertile slopes above Izola, offering breathtaking views of almost the entire coast of Slovenian Istria, the Gulf of Trieste and part of the Italian coast all the way to Grado, whose background is adorned by the majestic peaks of the Slovenian Alps with Triglav and the Italian Dolomites during sunny days. The tradition unites us closely with fishing as well, which is why the wine, olive oil and fish are the most complete portrait of our family that we want to present to our guests. To this end, we have arranged a boat, which sails on the sea and while looking at our vineyards and olive groves from the seaside we offer you freshly caught fish and vintage wines. Our work is for the most part left entirely at the mercy of the weather, so in case nature decides to show her less friendly face, a large part of our work can be presented in our very own Wine bar Manzioli in Manzioli Palace, in Izola.”

Matej Zaro – on life in Izola

The Zaro family has got Izola dialed in. Their beautiful vineyards overlooking Izola and the Adriatic. 10 minutes from the winery and 15 minutes from Manzioli their wine bar in Izola. Their vineyards are located across a spectacular south westerly oriented terraced amphitheater. Izola, “the island”, which the appellation takes its name from could one day be imagined as a cru and their vineyards are at the heart of it.

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