Antica Distilleria Quaglia - Fernet

Antica Distilleria Quaglia - Fernet

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Grower: Antica Distilleria Quaglia
Region: Italy
Category: Cocktail
Size: 750ml

Founded in 1890, the distillery of Castelnuovo Don Bosco was purchased in 1906 by Carlo Quaglia, the great grandfather of the current distillery director. A succession of fathers passing the traditional knowledge of distillation and vermouth production to their sons, and each son adding their own vision brings us to present day. The ambition of the distillery is to preserve traditional liqueurs, spirits, and vermouths of Piedmont.

• Made in accordance with a historic Quaglia family recipe which dates back to the early 1900s
• Infusion with all ingredients lasts at least 3 weeks, then aging lasts 3 more weeks minimum, all in stainless steel tanks
• For each batch, a fresh infusion of herbs, flowers, and spices is made, then added to the some of the older, original infusion (“the mother”) to ensure complexity and consistency in quality
• Residual sugar: 40 g/L
• 40% ABV
• Herbs, and spices are certified organic by Valoritalia
• Base spirit produced from Italian Wheat

Ingredients: Aloe ferox, gentian, mint

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